Two-year manufacturing warranty 

We pride ourselves on quality products and excellent craftmanship. However, if we find there is a defect or fault in the way your jewellery was crafted, our two-year manufacturing warranty covers you, and we will replace or repair your item at no cost to you. 

What our warranty doesn’t cover

Wear and tear

If your jewellery is damaged due to excessive wear and tear (such as a broken chain or scratched ring), improper storage, exposure to the elements listed on our jewellery care guide, this is the customers responsibility.

Third-party repairs, modification, or cleaning

Our warranty will be void if your jewellery has been damaged by any third-party repairs, modification, or cleaning.

Loss or damage

Finally, our warranty doesn’t cover lost or damaged jewellery. To ensure your jewellery is covered in these circumstances, we recommend you insure your purchase.

If you believe your jewellery is defect or damaged due to craftmanship, get in touch at hello@weareumara.com and we’ll arrange for your jewellery to be collected and assessed. Once your jewellery has been assessed, we will work with you to resolve the issue as efficiently as possible.