Choosing the perfect bridal jewellery is an important decision for every bride. Gold is one of the most timeless and symbolic choices for bridal jewellery. So, we're exploring how gold jewellery can beautifully complement a bride's look and sharing our top tips for value and versatility.

The Symbolism of Solid Gold Jewellery

Gold has long been associated with love, purity and prosperity, making it a perfect choice for wedding jewellery. The warm hue and natural lustre of gold effortlessly add a touch of elegance to any outfit.  


How To Choose Bridal Jewellery 

From delicate pendants and dainty earrings to bold chains and diamond bracelets, gold jewellery is a versatile and timeless option for a harmonious bridal look. Here are our top tips for choosing wedding jewellery: 

Shop with Versatility in Mind

Our first golden rule is to consider versatility, particularly if you're investing in solid gold. We recommend choosing versatile pieces that can be worn even after your wedding day, such as a delicate pendant necklace, sleek gold chain or a pair of classic gold hoops that can become an everyday staple to complement your personal style. 

Experiment With Layering and Stacking  

Layering and stacking have become a trendy way to create a personalised style, adding depth and dimension to your bridal look. Remember, layering and stacking doesn't need to be bold. You can achieve the same with delicate styles to suit minimalist brides. 

With your necklaces, always remember to match your chain to the neckline of your outfit. For example, pendants work best with v-necks, while statement necklaces work well with strapless designs.  

Incorporate Something Borrowed 

If you have a piece of jewellery with a lot of sentimental value, consider incorporating something borrowed into your look. If there's a specific piece you plan on wearing, try to choose new pieces that complement it rather than it being an afterthought.

If you don't have something, maybe it's time to start a new tradition. Solid gold makes a perfect heirloom piece that you can pass down through the generations and still look as good 50 years from now.  

Choose Earrings to Complement Your Hairstyle

Gold earrings can complement any face shape and hairstyle, whether it's a pair of simple studs, elegant hoops, or delicate diamonds. The secret? Consider your hairstyle and neckline of your outfit to ensure a balanced bridal look. 

Add Dimension with Different Tones 

Combining yellow gold with other metals like white gold is another great way to add depth to your look, so don't be afraid to experiment. Whether it's a two-tone gold necklace or white gold and yellow gold rings, combining different metals can help tie your complete bridal look together. There's no need for everything to match perfectly. So, instead of listening to outdated rules, trust your instincts to create a cohesive look that you love.  

When you're shopping for bridal jewellery, always remember to do your research and check reviews. If you've chosen solid gold and you're shopping in the UK, look for a hallmark that certifies the karat of the piece so you can invest with confidence. 

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