We already know that gold looks good, but what if it can make you feel good, too? For our latest blog post, healer, and founder of The InnerVerses, Patience Chigodora, explores the healing power of gold. 

In my spiritual and holistic wellness practice, I've delved deep into the profound healing essence of solid gold to support my client's holistic wellness journeys. This transformative experience includes emotional, physical, and energetic healing, exploring chakras, zodiac connections, and the rich symbolism that gold embodies.  

Transcending Physical Healing

Gold's healing power transcends the physical realm. It symbolises inner alchemy, guiding us to elevate consciousness, refine thoughts, and purify intentions—reflecting the timeless essence of our true selves. Drawing wisdom from Ayurveda, I've guided clients in harnessing the holistic beauty and power of their beloved golden jewellery or items to achieve inner harmony, vitality, and spiritual clarity. By integrating principles from Traditional Chinese Medicine, we've embarked on sessions focused on energetic realignment, stress reduction, and enhanced vitality. 

Spiritual Significance, Chakra Awakening, and Emotional Stability 

Gold's resonance with the Heart Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra and its alignment with the Zodiac sign Leo vividly illustrate its spiritual significance. It symbolises the purity of the spiritual realm and serves as a guiding light for spiritual evolution and communion with the universal source. In some African traditions and cultures, gold can have a variety of symbolic meanings, including wealth and riches, spiritual purity, fertility, beauty, and the precious nature of life. When placed on specific chakra energy points, gold has played a pivotal role in opening and activating the Heart Chakra (located on your heart), Third Eye (between your eyebrows), and Crown Chakras (just above the top of your head, right in the middle)—facilitating journeys towards clarity, emotional healing, wealth, and happiness. Clients have reported enduring emotional stability, stress relief, and amplified positive feelings they can tap into whenever they touch or wear their golden pieces. 

Master Healer and Emotional Purifier 

In Ayurveda, gold, known as "Suvarna," is regarded as a vital element in balancing energies and promoting holistic well-being. Drawing from this tradition, I guide clients towards equilibrium, infusing gold with the spiritual intention to cleanse energy blockages and align their path. Gold earns its title as "the master healer," through my guidance, clients harness its transformative power for physical purification, character enhancement, and emotional healing. It alleviates the toll of gaining knowledge, promoting a serene mind and calm spirit. 

Harmonising Energies, Energetic Cleansing, and Cooperative Harmony

In traditional Chinese medicine, gold embodies balance and harmony. As we assist individuals on their spiritual journeys, I incorporate the wisdom of TCM, aiding clients in understanding the flow of their life force, or "Qi." Utilising gold in various forms, such as meditation aids or symbolic objects, fosters energetic alignment and spiritual growth. Gold possesses the unique ability to balance energy fields, dispelling ego conflicts, feelings of futility, and the weight of responsibilities. It acts as a soul balm, combating depression, inferiority, and self-reproach, 

fostering emotional stability and tranquillity. Through gold's ability to cleanse negativity from chakras and energy fields, my clients have witnessed remarkable shifts, harmonising effortlessly with other gemstones and enhancing their innate qualities. 

Physical Healing and Rejuvenation

Gold's biocompatibility and nanoparticles have been harnessed to enhance digestion, circulation, and breathing. Transformative in the treatment of various health issues such as arthritis, heart diseases, and skin disorders, gold's rejuvenating influence extends to the endocrine system and tissue regeneration, ushering in physical harmony and vitality.

So, in case you need another reason to invest in gold jewellery, this is it. Happy shopping & happy healing!