From the perfect gift and family heirlooms to celebrating a milestone achievement or an ode to a particular memory, jewellery tells a story. If you need help figuring out where to start when it comes to telling your story through jewellery, you're in the right place. 

I asked two incredibly talented celebrity stylists, Nico and Alice Monica, for some of their top tips on styling gold jewellery. 


Get inspired 

Style inspiration is everywhere. Alice recommends creating a collage of influences, "pull from photos of fashion bloggers, models, advertisements, fashion editorials, or whatever else inspires you."  

She added, "taking care of the basics is important, but trends will update your look. Do some research on runway trends. Off-the-runway looks might be daunting, but there are ways to incorporate the trendiest items and motifs into any wardrobe."

Consider what you already own

Alice recommends taking a good look at everything you already own before buying anything new. If you plan on layering and stacking your pieces, you'll want to ensure they align and complement each other well. 

She explained, "each piece should match the situation, the occasion, and most importantly yourself. Less is more, and what is more important is to wear signature pieces that truly express yourself and the situation."

Beyond your jewellery collection, consider the clothes and accessories in your wardrobe and how you can tie everything together with jewellery. Gold is versatile and goes with almost any colour. However, if you want to make an outfit pop, Nico suggests pairing your jewellery with warmer colours such as pink, purple, yellow, red etc.

Mix it up 

Try experimenting with layering, varied lengths, sizes, and textures as you build your jewellery collection. Nico told me, "gold jewellery can be worn as minimally or as busy as you'd like. I'd suggest keeping it simple for new jewellery lovers, but after a while, most become intrigued with layering and mixing lengths, sizes, and textures."

Embrace your skin tone 

Thanks to different karats and alloys, there are several different colours and tones of gold. As a result, gold jewellery can complement any complexion. 

Alice shared, "like your clothes, each piece of jewellery should help you express your true beauty. Choose jewellery that enables you to embrace your skin colour. Opt for metals and gems that can lend some shine to your natural skin tone."

She added, "silver is the favourite metal for many of us, but gold can be beautiful, too, if you have matte skin and dark hair. There is no right jewellery for the right skin tone. Instead, whatever lets you be yourself and be beautiful in your skin."

Have fun 

There is no right or wrong way to wear jewellery. As Nico explained, "I'm always saying fashion is an expression of self. So, my main tip for wearing gold jewellery is to have fun with it! There's no wrong way of self-expression." 

Elevate your jewellery collection.