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While my style is minimal effort, gold jewellery is something I'm never without. So much so that I rarely take off most of the gold jewellery staples in my collection. If you always wear your jewellery as I do, I'd recommend regularly cleaning and polishing it to maintain its shine. While high purity solid gold jewellery is unlikely to tarnish, things like natural oils, excessive moisture and perfume can dull its lustre. So, always take the time to give your jewellery the TLC it deserves. 

As I swore off fast fashion a couple of years ago, I shifted my mindset regarding shopping. With every purchase I make, I always consider the cost-per-wear. The more I'll wear it, the better value it becomes. So, the cost-per-wear is excellent because solid gold jewellery will last forever. 

If you're building your dream gold jewellery collection, here are the staples I'd recommend investing in. 

Gold Necklace 

One of the first pieces of gold jewellery was a gold chain and pendant my Grandad gave me. Years later, it became my inspiration for launching Umara. As with a lot of jewellery, it holds a lot of sentimental value, so I wear it daily. I love how a simple gold chain makes me feel put together.  

Chunky Gold Hoops 

Chunky gold hoops are a must-have for any collection. As I typically wear darker colours and have dark hair, gold hoops are my go-to for adding some warmth to my look. I wear our large 18 karat gold bold hoops because of their rich yellow tone. 

18 karat gold hoops

Small Gold Hoops 

I have a lot of ear piercings, so I like to stack my hoops. Since creating our first collection, I haven't removed my small 18 karat gold hoops. Because they fit snug to the ear, I wear them 24/7 as they don't catch on my hair or anything whilst I'm sleeping. 

Diamond Studs

While I tend to wear primarily plain gold jewellery every day, I always complete my stack with a pair of diamond studs. Thanks to our screw-back design, I can confidently wear my earrings as I know they're going anywhere. 

Solid Gold Piercing Studs

If you have the patience to remove piercing jewellery when you're showering, I salute you. However, I do not. So, solid gold piercing jewellery is my antidote to tarnishing. Before launching Umara, I'd constantly buy piercing jewellery, only for it to turn green after a while. Now, I have a stud and a ring I never have to take out. I love them so much I'm thinking about getting more piercings! 

18 karat gold bracelet

Gold Bracelet 

Another thing I've barely taken off since launching Umara is my 18 karat gold bracelet. Because it fits snugly to my wrist, I can always wear it without worrying that it will catch on to anything. Plus, as it's lightweight and comfortable, I almost forget I'm wearing it. It's one of my favourite understated pieces.  

While I prefer rich, understated staples, there is no right or wrong approach when buying and styling gold jewellery.  

Celebrity Stylist Nico told me, "gold jewellery can be worn as minimally or as busy as you'd like. I'd suggest keeping it simple for new jewellery lovers, but after a while, most become intrigued with layering and mixing lengths, sizes and textures."

Build your dream gold jewellery collection